YFN Lucci Gets Introspective On “Thoughts To Myself”

Wish Me Well 2 gets another visual to close out a strong 2016.

December 12, 2016

Despite being received by a huge audience, YFN Lucci's Wish Me Well 2 wasn't particularly well covered by most major outlets. The Atlanta rapper has been going strong all 2016 though, propelled by a string of slow-rolling, melodic slaps like "Key to the Streets" (currently sitting on 30-plus million views).


"Thoughts To Myself" finds Lucci in a stream of consciousness, celebrating success and questioning the loyalty of the people around him in the same breath. In the visual, he smokes alone, looks himself in the mirror, and tosses off gems like When you fucked up, you can't show it and Grandma told me everything shine ain't good for me. It's a good one to sit with.

YFN Lucci Gets Introspective On “Thoughts To Myself”