You Need To Watch This Powerful Black-ish Scene About Race In Trump’s America

Last night’s episode found compassion in the post-election debate.

January 12, 2017

Donald Trump once described ABC's family sitcom Black-ish as "the height of racism" in a 2014 tweet. The award winning show isn't an issues led series, but has never shied away from politics when the time is right. It won plaudits in 2016 for an episode in which the different generations of the central family discussed police brutality and Black Lives Matter. Last night, January 11, came another episode based around political discourse, specifically the public reaction to Donald Trump’s election.


In the clip above you can see the show's central character Dre (Anthony Anderson) at work as his colleagues discuss Donald Trump's victory in the election. His work mates are mainly pro-Hillary Clinton and struggle to work out how Trump won. Dre remains silent throughout the debate until his boss asks him, "Why do you not care about what's happening to our country?"

Dre then launches into a monologue about his feelings, which is cut with historical footage depicting racial segregation and Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit." It ends with him saying, "I'm used to things not going my way. I'm sorry that you're not and it's blowing your mind, so excuse me if I get a little offended because I didn't see all of this outrage when everything was happening to all of my people since we were stuffed on boats in chains. I love this country. As much if not more than you do. And don't you ever forget that."

You Need To Watch This Powerful Black-ish Scene About Race In Trump’s America