Watch A Video For “WOW,” Redd Coldhearted’s Brodinski Collab

Featuring Big Bank Black and a chill-ass parrot.

January 30, 2017

Redd Coldhearted has been releasing music for a couple years, but her feature on Brodinski’s The Sour Patch Kid mixtape last fall has led to some more, well-deserved attention. Today, The FADER is debuting the video for the collaborative track, "WOW," which also features Big Bank Black.


In the contrast-heavy black and white clip, which was directed by Will Hoopes and shot in an Atlanta warehouse, Coldhearted lives up to her namesake with a near-bored-sounding flow; it’s like she's so used to the wealth and ice she’s rapping about, they don't even phase her. She and Big Bank Black also dance with what seems to be the chillest parrot ever. Brodinski shows up, too.

"I met Redd thru DJ Drug Money while in Atlanta, and I really wanted to work with her on some music," the French producer explained in an email to The FADER. Redd added: "My first time hearing the beat it made me energized and amped, and I instantly thought about my diamonds, like wow."

Watch A Video For “WOW,” Redd Coldhearted’s Brodinski Collab