Trump’s Muslim Ban Sparks Another Weekend Of Protests

Still going strong.

February 04, 2017

President Trump's Muslim ban and general presence in our nation's highest level of office has sparked another weekend of protests, according to images and videos posted on Twitter.


Protests are happening in cities across the nation including Salt Lake City, Washington D.C. and in front of New York's Stonewall Inn, a site Obama designated as the first ever LGBTQ national monument last year.

On Friday, a federal judge from Seattle issued a nationwide temporary restraining order against Trump's executive order that bans immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, and halted many major parts of Trump's executive order. On Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that they'd be suspending the implementation of Trump's order. However, despite the temporary relief granted by the TRO, the White House has already announced that they will be appealing the decision.

See photos and videos of the protests below.

Trump’s Muslim Ban Sparks Another Weekend Of Protests