Geotic Is On A Hair Quest In The Hilarious “Actually Smiling” Music Video

Will Wiesenfeld of Baths will share a new project on March 31.

February 06, 2017

Will Wiesenfeld is best known for his compelling navigation of the electronic pop spectrum as Baths, but on March 31, he'll share the album Abysma as Geotic, his "passive dance music" moniker. The video for "Actually Smiling," premiering above, is a Tim And Eric sketch meets a Final Fantasy side quest: two friends search for mounds of hair in a bizarre and very funny ocean adventure. Occasionally, they'll stop to dance to the song's plush beats and its swelling chorus.


Over email, Wiesenfeld told The FADER how the video came together. "Firstly, BLESS my friends in the credits for working so hard for two full days on practically zero budget. I think we all just wanted to see if the thing could actually work.

"I had a little philosophy for the video— I wanted the atmosphere to be as cinematic and warm as we could get it, but for all the actual content in the video to be complete idiocy. With a narrative. I think that worked... This was shot back in September of 2015 on literally the hottest day of the year, so if nothing else, it's become a vibrant and sweaty time capsule :)"

Geotic's new album Abysma is out March 31 on Ghostly. Preorder it here.

Thumbnail photo by Mario Luna

Geotic Is On A Hair Quest In The Hilarious “Actually Smiling” Music Video