Here’s A Great Interview With The Late Junie Morrison

Read a career-spanning 2015 conversation with the funk innovator from RBMA.

February 20, 2017

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Since he passed last week, fans and collaborators of Walter "Junie" Morrison have been sharing their memories of the late, great funk innovator. Morrison, known best for groundbreaking work with the Ohio Players and Parliament Funkadelic, has been mourned all over the musical map, including a heartfelt letter from Solange—whose A Seat at the Table featured a track named for, and dedicated to him.


Back in 2015, RBMA put out a pretty excellent interview with Morrison, which is up on their homepage now to commemorate his passing.

It's a career-spanning conversation, full of fascinating details about specific records. It goes deep on both his tenure at the helm of the Ohio Players—with anecdotes on classics like "Pain," "Ecstasy," and the G-funk sampling staple "Funky Worm"—and his role as "self-styled multi-taskmaster" during the late '70s run that would turn out to be P-Funk's commercial peak. In short, it's a great read, and a solid primer on Morrison's best-known work.

Read RBMA's 2015 Interview with Junie Morrison here.

Here’s A Great Interview With The Late Junie Morrison