The FADER Weekend Reading List

Reddit porn, being Muslim in the White House, and how much Uber sucks.

February 24, 2017
The FADER Weekend Reading List Illustration by Leah Mandel
I Was A Muslim In Trump's White House

Rumana Ahmed, The Atlantic


Rumana Ahmed, former National Security Council employee, lasted eight days in the Trump White House. This is why.

Why Degrassi's Infamous Abortion Episode Still Matters

Patrick D. McDermott, The FADER

In 2004, a seminal episode of Canadian teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation in which a crucial character gets an abortion, was not aired in the U.S. This is the story of what went down, and why we need abortion on T.V. more than ever.

Inside The Surprisingly Liberating World Of Reddit Porn

Arianna Davis, Refinery29

For this piece, Davis spoke with the mom who's the hottest producer of anonymous porn on Reddit, about the practice's complexity and unexpected empowerment.

The Work Americans Do

Binyamin Appelbaum and Ryan Pfluger, New York Times

While Trump blusters about jobs and immigration, real Americans are doing real, actual work, no matter what our Dorito-in-chief says about welfare. The Times spoke with nine workers — a home health aide, a hair braider, a customer service rep, and more — about what their workdays look like.

Uber Is Doomed

Ryan Felton, Jalopnik

This week, the Times reported a "Hobbesian" workplace environment at Uber headquarters. Here, Felton details the ways in which Uber is headed toward failure.

A New Peacock Arrives At The Farm

Martha Stewart, Martha Up Close And Personal

Martha got a new peacock for her peacock farm. "See you soon, my dear peacock, and welcome to Cantitoe Corners," she wrote. End your week with a very calming blog post about peacocks.

The FADER Weekend Reading List