“Hidden Fences” Is Still Not A Real Movie

Twitter took another red carpet reporter to task for mashing up the movie Fences and Hidden Figures.

February 26, 2017

Fences is an Oscar nominated film. Hidden Figures is also an Oscar nominated film. However, "Hidden Fences" is NOT a film. Red Carpet reporters seen to have trouble with these facts. At the 89th Academy Awards tonight in Los Angeles, like at the Golden Globes last month, another red carpet reporter mashed together the titles of films Fences and Hidden Figure.

"But also, just happy to have these extraordinary movies like Hidden Fences and Moonlight," said People reporter Jess Cagle while on the red carpet, except that is not a movie sadly. Of course, Twitter took Cagle to task faster than you could "Not again!"


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“Hidden Fences” Is Still Not A Real Movie