AJ Tracey And Merky ACE Join Forces With Faze Miyake On “None Of That”

The two London MCs go full throttle over Faze Miyake’s sinister production.

March 01, 2017

London producer Faze Miyake has established himself as one of the most distinctive beatmakers in grime, finding energy and joy in the darkest depths. In the video for his latest track “None of That,” he has assistance from the ever-energetic south London MC Merky ACE and west Londoner AJ Tracey — and as a trio, they’re taking no prisoners. The video (directed by Biskwee and styled by Alizé Demange) shows Merky jumping around from balcony to bike, as AJ Tracey delivers a typically cutthroat performance.


Faze Miyake explained to The FADER over email how the collaboration came to be: "I had AJ and Merky on my radio show and played the beat during our set. They sounded sick on it, and the energy felt right. Got us all in the studio about a week later and they both smashed it.”

Merky ACE and AJ Tracey both had an equally good time making the track. "I came up listening to Faze and Merky, so it was a pleasure to work with them,” wrote AJ. “The beat is sick, and Merky came with a sick hook." Merky added: "After we hit the studio, everything just clicked. We didn't even plan to make the song, we just did. There was serious energy in the lab that day. Just look how much fun I'm having in the video." Watch it exclusively above.