Watch Octavia Spencer Play Catchphrase On Fallon

The award-winning actress gets really into the game.

March 04, 2017

On Thursday night's show, Jimmy Fallon had guests Octavia Spencer, country singer Luke Bryant, and actor John Lithegow join him in a friendly game of Catchphrase.


The premise of the game is similar to charades. A player draws a card with a catchphrase on it and must make his partner guess the word by acting it out or describing the word. During the game, Spencer was partnered with Lithegow to go against Fallon and Bryant. You'd think the game would be a breeze for two actors but watch Spencer and Lithegow have trouble guessing "Shirley Temple," "Willie Nelson," and "shoehorn."

And be sure to catch Spencer on SNL tonight, March 4, as the host.

Watch Octavia Spencer Play Catchphrase On Fallon