Cop This Shirt And Stand Against Bullshit

The Resist Persist L/S, now available in The FADER Shop.

Photographer Elizabeth Wirija
March 10, 2017

The Resist Persist long sleeve is a collaboration of The FADER and Tracy Ma, the brilliant New York designer. Printed in New York on navy cotton, its front features a rose logo — a salute to good love on earth and a callback to The FADER’s America Issue, where flowers honored the memory of people we have lost. The interior sleeves are printed with the words RESIST and PERSIST, which are visible when the arms are raised. For every shirt sold, we’ll donate 100% of net proceeds to CAIR.


If you read The FADER, maybe you feel that whatever your role in the world is, you are also outside it, trying to create some other world. Whatever your stance, know it and keep it close to your heart. Wear it in good health, with friends, wherever you need to be. And when you’re ready, open up, and make yourself heard.

Order the Resist Persist long sleeve.

The shirts will be on sale until Monday March 20.

@itsmeezi   Elizabeth Wirija / The FADER
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@yng_kara   Elizabeth Wirija / The FADER
Clockwise from top: @aliyah.monet, @stazidazi, @daraun, @itsmeezi, @yng_kara.   Elizabeth Wirija / The FADER
Left to right: @aliyah.monet, @yng_kara.   Elizabeth Wirija / The FADER