Show Me The Body Release Bloody “Trash” Video, Confirm Corpus I Details

The band’s new mixtape will feature guests Denzel Curry, Princess Nokia, Mal Devisa, and more.

March 13, 2017

Show Me The Body will release new mixtape Corpus I on March 24. The New York band confirmed details of its new release today, March 13, alongside a new video for mixtape cut "Trash," which you can see above. The video shows lead singer Julian Cashwan Pratt taking a nasty looking shower.


Corpus I will feature a host of guests billed as "all of their friends," in a press release. This includes Denzel Curry, Princess Nokia, Mal Devisa, Cities Aviv, Moor Mother, Eartheater, Dreamcrusher, and Nolife, across 17 tracks. Check out a full tracklist below.

1. "Intro"
2. "Trash"
3. "You Thought What You Saw Was It" (feat. Eartheater)
4. "Hungry" (feat. Dreamcrusher)
5. "In a Grave" (feat. Denzel Curry, Eartheater, Moor Mother)
6. "Taxi Hell" (feat. Justin Flammia)
7. "Just A Slither" (feat. Negashi Armada)
8. "Halogen" (feat. Mal Devisa)
9. "Stress" (feat. Cities Aviv)
10. "My Whole Family" (feat. Skunk Rott, Chris Wilson, Pierre Botardo)
11. "I’m On It" (feat. Casino Theo)
12. "Spit" (feat. Princess Nokia)
13. "Cyba Slam Fif World Dance Party" (Uppa Echelon dance remix)
14. "2Everything Hate Here" (feat. Moor Mother)
15. "Two Hands" (feat. Nolife)
16. "Why you lying" (feat. Babyglock, Tony Seltzer)
17. "Proud Boys" (feat. Dedekind Cut)

Thumbnail image via Brock Fetch