Kash Doll Exposes Trash Men In Her New Video “For Everybody”

A too-real visual directed by Genius Minds.

March 14, 2017

Bossed-up Detroit stunner Kash Doll speaks to the lies and infidelity of trash men in her new visual "For Everybody." The movie-like portrait is reminiscent of the infamous blue-light bedroom scene from the Hype Williams-directed film Belly. Here, Kash Doll plays the role of both the wife and the side chick. Over a heated a phone conversation, the two confront each other and don't hesitate to trade competitive brags about their encounters with the two-timing guy. In the midst of their gloating, they come to a consensus: they advise each other not to sweat over a man who lacks respect and loyalty.


Over email, Kash Doll explained to The FADER that the song was inspired by those moments "when you gotta put a side chick in her place.”

"I wanted to tell a story that both types of women (wife and mistress) can relate to," she said. "At the end of the day it's not either one of women's fault, it's the man's fault. They are both arguing about a position that he gave away and both women make good points. This is how I came up with the title for the song 'For Everybody', which means the man is for everybody."