Toddla T’s Cinematic New Video Will Make You Want To Free Your Body

The choreographed “BlackJack21” visuals represent a new chapter for the U.K. producer.

March 23, 2017

In recent years U.K. producer Toddla T has perhaps become best known as a DJ on BBC Radio 1. His shows have always encompassed his eclectic style and now he's set to share his wide-ranging sounds via a new album of his own productions. That album, as yet untitled, will be out later this year on his own label Steeze.


Today The FADER premieres the sharp and dramatic video for lead single "BlackJack21." In the heavily stylized visuals we see a male dancer making his way out of a barren landscape and heading toward an unknown location. He's flanked by two women in balaclavas on horseback as the throbbing house track, complete with vocals from Andrea Martin, plays throughout. A male voiceover sets an unnerving tone at the start with the words: "I had the heart and i wore all the diamonds. I was in all the clubs. Every night I was digging deeper and deeper. Eventually that digging turned into a darkness."

Directed by Lorenzo Cisi, the video was shot in Toddla T's hometown of Sheffield. Speaking to The FADER via email, Toddla says: "The film was a collaboration between myself, Lorenzo Cisi, and Park Royal Studios. For me, it’s a great visual representation of my next creative phase, rediscovering and resetting my musical journey."

Cisi added: "It represents a young Toddla T’s journey into sound. The two riders are our strong mysterious spirit guides to the future world and Toddla is represented by the dancer. The riders protect and accompany the dancer on his trip away from his beautiful but sometimes desolate birthplace, towards new destinations and cultures where he can grow and thrive.”

Check out the visuals above. Toddla T's third studio album is due later in 2017.

Toddla T’s Cinematic New Video Will Make You Want To Free Your Body