Dreka Gates Issued A Statement On Kevin Gates’ Delayed Release From Jail

“Send positive energy, positive thoughts. This is how you manifest things.”

March 25, 2017

Kevin Gates' wife Dreka took to Instagram today to post a note about his reported detention after he was scheduled to be released from jail yesterday. The Baton Rouge rapper was found guilty of misdemeanor battery in October of last year for kicking a 19-year-old audience member in the chest in 2015. After serving five months of an 180-day sentence in Florida's Polk County Jail, his release yesterday was delayed due to an outstanding warrant for a weapons charge in Cooks County, Illinois.


Rather than getting caught up in the details of her husband's ongoing imprisonment, Dreka Gates' note implores fans to "shift your thoughts, prayers, energy, etc. towards the idea of Kevin being home and enjoying his life as a free man." Read the full statement below.

Rappers Gucci Mane, French Montana, and K Camp have also shared their support on social media.