Hear Young Dolph’s New Album Bulletproof

Here’s the rapper’s response to getting shot at 100 times in Charlotte earlier this year.

April 01, 2017

Memphis-based rapper Young Dolph dropped his new album Bulletproof early Saturday morning which you can now purchase and stream via Apple Music.


The project is centered around the crazy incident in which the rapper was shot at 100 times in Charlotte, North Carolina in February. Dolph's response to his enemies can be decoded through the tracklisting: "100 Shots" "In Charlotte" "But I'm Bulletproof" "So Fuk'em," then, "I Pray For My Enemies" "I'm Everything You Wanna Be" and finally, "SMH."

The 10-song project which also contains a track featuring Gucci Mane can be streamed below via Apple Music.