Coast Through A Subarctic Mining Town In CRi’s Docu-Style Video For “Rush”

In beautiful, frigid, Fermont, Quebec, there’s a real life northern Wall — no Game of Thrones.

April 05, 2017

The majority of Canadians live in cities and towns along the country's border with the U.S. — i.e. Canada's south. But life has its own way of bustling in the north, as Inuit musician Tanya Tagaq recently explained to The FADER, and you can see this in Montreal producer CRi's stunning new video for "Rush" featuring Ouri. Set at The Wall, a miner's residence in subarctic Fermont, Quebec, "Rush" opens with the sound of the whipping wind and closes in on the lives of its mostly male inhabitants, including teens who kill time by playing pool, riding bikes indoors, and snowmobiling. The track itself sounds like the tandem rhythms of pulse and breath, both quickening as the song progresses.


CRi told The FADER that "'Rush' is about hurrying up to conquer an unaccomplished dream without taking the time to think about where it’ll bring us."

Director Didier Charette added, "I've always wanted to go to 'The Wall' so when CRi approached me with "Rush," I was ready to jump on that plane for the North. Once I got there, I realized that my concept didn't make sense. I had written it based on preconceptions and once I met the people, my approach evolved into straight up cinéma vérité, and I didn't know what the hell I was doing. People were amazing and so open to talk to me. I felt I needed to be true to their stories and offer the viewer a realistic portrait of what it is to be a man in Fermont in 2017. 'Rush' is kinda my take on older cinéma québécois."

CRi's new EP Someone Else is out now on Young Art Records.

Thumbnail photo: Jerry Pigeon

Coast Through A Subarctic Mining Town In CRi’s Docu-Style Video For “Rush”