Bill O’Reilly Is Already Back With A New Podcast

The former Fox News anchor will be back with a new podcast Monday night.

April 23, 2017

Less than one week after Fox News announced it's split with alleged sexual harasser Bill O'Reilly, he announced a new podcast on his website that will be premiering on Monday. The banner which is displayed across the top of his site reads "Monday. No Spin News Returns."


In January, the New York Times broke that five women were awarded a settlement of $13 million in a sexual harassment suit filed against Bill O'Reilly. Shortly after, advertisers began quickly withdrawing from their slots on the show, and by the second week of April, Bill O'Reilly went on vacation to Italy. On the day of his return, while he was on the plane, Fox News announced that he would no longer be with the network and the Tucker Carlson would take over the time slot.

Now, days after O'Reilly's announced departure, he will begin airing his own podcast. He is also expected to receive a severance package in similar to the one Roger Ailes received after he was pushed out of the network due to sexual harassment allegations. Ailes received $40 million.

Sunday morning, hours before O'Reilly's new podcast was announced, Alisyn Camerota went on the CNN talk show "Reliable Sources" and discussed the sexual and emotional harassment and she faced from O'Reilly while she was employed for him.

Bill O’Reilly Is Already Back With A New Podcast