Jazz Cartier Is An Action Hero In “Tempted” Video

The rapper gets beat up by the bad guys and everything.

May 05, 2017

Toronto rapper Jazz Cartier laid out his big career ambitions to The FADER in 2015. With the video for "Tempted," the first single off his upcoming album Fleurever, he displays acting chops for a big budget action movie. The clip is a classic "James Bond gets captured by the bad guys at a fancy party" scene and, like any good hero, Jazz makes an impressive escape.


In an email to The FADER, Jazz Cartier said, ""Tempted" is my first single off Fleurever and it's an intro of what's to come. For the visual, I wanted to play off the energy of the track and bring a cinematic experience that includes suspense and edge."

Jazz Cartier Is An Action Hero In “Tempted” Video