LCD Soundsystem Returns With Two New Songs

Hear “Call The Police” and “American Dream” now.

May 05, 2017
LCD Soundsystem Returns With Two New Songs

James Murphy and his LCD Soundsystem bandmates have been busy working on a new album after reuniting in 2016. Back in January Murphy admitted that the cold weather was delaying the recording process ("winter tends to mess with my voice") but that the album would be "done soon." Today, May 5, the band has shared their first new songs in seven years. “Call The Police” and “American Dream” were both played live at LCD Soundsystem's recent New York shows and can be streamed below.


In a lengthy post on Facebook, Murphy explained that the new album is nearing completion and that the process has been a lot of fun. "It's been one of the most enjoyable records to make in my life, if not the most fun ever," he wrote. "I think it is, for sure, the happiest i've ever been making a record." A release date is as yet unconfirmed.

Check out “Call The Police” and “American Dream” via Spotify.

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LCD Soundsystem Returns With Two New Songs