Watch AJ Tracey Explain Why He’s Voting For Jeremy Corbyn In The U.K. Election

The grime MC appeared in a new video shared by the Labour party.

May 29, 2017

After a short delay in the wake of the Manchester attack, campaigning in the U.K. election is back in full force. Polls show a significant upswing in the popularity of the Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn. This change in fortunes for the opposition has been attributed to young voters won over by Labour during the campaign. A new video shared by the party features AJ Tracey explaining why he will be voting for them on June 8.


"The Labour Party strongly support the youth in following their dreams and giving people a chance," Tracey says. Shot in his Ladbroke Grove neighborhood in London, Tracey adds that he is unsure if he'll ever be able buy a house but that Labour's commitment to building more homes gives him faith it could happen. He also praises the Corbyn manifesto for focusing on eradicating tuition fees and saving "jewel of the U.K." the NHS.

"I genuinely believe that Corbyn is the man to do it," he says in conclusion. Check out the whole video above.