Listen To Shadow Expert, Palm’s New Collection Of Broken-Sounding Pop

The experimental rock band’s six-song EP comes out Friday, June 16.

June 12, 2017

"Walkie Talkie" is the perfect opener for Hudson Valley, New York four-piece Palm's new EP, Shadow Expert. The track is borderline cartoonish in the way its chords twist around, and in the way ping-ponging sounds seem to come out of the walls of the song. The five tracks that follow continue down that bouncy, experimental path, stacking texture on top of texture along the way. It's almost as if they were deconstructed and then reconstructed all over again, into something quick and sharp, with warm, rounded edges.


"Shadow Expert is a collection of bent or broken pop songs," Palm wrote to The FADER over email. "The EP is made up of discrete games and experiments in a similar way to trading basics; here, though, they are rendered more to support songs than to be the songs themselves. Written and recorded in 2015." Listen to it below in full.

Shadow Expert is out June 16. Pre-order it here.
Posted: June 12, 2017