Yowler’s “7 Towers” Video Is A Three-Minute Existential Selfie

Double Double Whammy is reissuing her 2015 debut on vinyl.

June 13, 2017

Yowler is the freak-folksy solo project of American songwriter Maryn Jones, who also plays in All Dogs and Saintseneca. This summer, Double Double Whammy is re-releasing The Offer, her murky 2015 debut, on vinyl. Today, The FADER is debuting the homemade video for "7 Towers," a candlelit slab of ambient-ish grunge from the LP's middle section.

"This video is comprised of selfie videos from the past three or so years — a lot of them from tour, some capturing important things, some just random moments," Jones explained over email. "Putting them together was a weirdly emotional experience for me because my life lately has been very static in contrast. It feels strange but appropriate to watch all of those experiences condensed and glowing in the same dream-like way that they live in my memory."

Order The Offer re-release here.

Thumbnail image by Sarah Cass

Yowler’s “7 Towers” Video Is A Three-Minute Existential Selfie