Dylan Reznick Of FRIENDZONE Announces Solo EP As Chlorine Mist

Listen to an emotional, piano-led composition called “Reset,” which is the title track from his new project.

June 15, 2017
Dylan Reznick Of FRIENDZONE Announces Solo EP As Chlorine Mist Dylan Resnick   Photo by Mikhail Reznick

In January this year, Dylan Reznick lost his good friend and collaborator James Laurence. The duo came to prominence in the early '10s for their treacle-slow, contemplative productions for Oakland cloud rap geniuses Main Attrakionz. Six months on, Reznick is finding a way to move forward with music as his guide. This June 30, U.K. label Donky Pitch will release his debut EP as Chlorine Mist. It's called Reset, and The FADER is premiering the title track today.


A piano-led composition that skitters around like a newborn deer, "Reset" gently builds steam with the addition of swelling, violin-y synths and the indecipherable rumble of a crowd. There are reverent nods to FRIENDZONE's production style — the bark-like, compressed "hey"s that poke through the lushness — but it's definitely a departure, and an emotional one at that.

"I've been composing music since I was very young," Reznick told The FADER over email. "I have had many collaborators over the years and will have many more in the future. FRIENDZONE was a very special project that will forever remain close to my heart. Such a balanced musical partnership is very rare. 'Reset,' as the title suggests, represents a new beginning. In my new project I aimed to break out of formula conventions of hip-hop instrumentals and instead focus on allowing my music to take a purer, more unfiltered form. Unlike much of my work in recent years, these tracks were not made with a vocalist in mind. Instead, I followed the music as if it were the ocean's current, carrying me off to unknown continents."

Donky Pitch will release Chlorine Mist's debut EP, Reset, on June 30. Preorder it here.
Dylan Reznick Of FRIENDZONE Announces Solo EP As Chlorine Mist