Watch Puff Daddy Talk Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Documentary With Zane Lowe

The rap legend talks his relationship with Biggie, his future, and crying with Mary J. Blige.

June 21, 2017


Puff Daddy sat down with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 recently to reflect on his career and the upcoming documentary Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story. The film documents Puff's attempt to reunite the Bad Boy Records stable for a series of shows in New York in 2016. During their discussion, Puff Daddy and Lowe discuss the mogul's memories of Biggie, what's next for him, and a heartwarming story about crying with Mary J. Blige.

"My sound changed after that," Puff Daddy says of Biggie's death. "It wasn’t as glorious, and it wasn't as joyful and it wasn't as bright and exuberant because you're a reflection of what's going on inside of you. But I was still able to kind of push through and succeed and make it by just being honest and being vulnerable."

Puffy Daddy insisted that he isn't dropping an album this year, but that he is in the studio. "If Future’s dropping two albums in one day, I got to leave that alone. I got to go to the big screen," he says, referencing Can't Stop Won't Stop. "I have to go and be around music in order to feed my soul and feed my spirit," he says when asked about recording, "And you know I may just release things in a different way."

Later in the interview, Puff Daddy shares his favorite memory from being in the studio, relaying a story about working on Mary J. Blige's 1994 album My Life. "I just broke up with my girlfriend and she just broke up with K-Ci and it’s raining, we in the Hit Factory in New York and we both keep going to the bathroom because we don’t want to cry in front of each other but we both know we were crying. We trying to act like I can’t tell your eyes are all red and stuff like that," he says. Puff says that their vulnerability led to some of the best songs on the album. "That's when it connected. A whole deeper level of making records once you’ve told the embarrassing truth, once you get naked with your emotions. Like the stuff you don’t want people to hear or feel or whatever. Then that changes your game on what you think a hit record is."

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story premieres exclusively on Apple Music June 25.

Watch the full interview above.

Watch Puff Daddy Talk Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Documentary With Zane Lowe