Umii’s “Masquerade” Video Is A Mysterious, Iridescent Daydream

The West Coast duo debuts their first visual.

June 21, 2017

Enigmatic duo Umii, comprised of singer Reva DeVito and producer B. BRAVO, made a mystical video for their wavy single, "Masquerade." In the clip, debuting today on The FADER, the pair leans into ambiguity with frames of hidden faces and floating silhouettes. Through the spaces in a wall made of string, you can see Reva's glossy lips mouthing the lyrics: "I could never see your face/ behind the masquerade."


"'Masquerade''s lyrics touch on the idea that all of us at some point or another have not lived our total truths, hiding behind the proverbial mask," Reva said of the visual she directed and produced, in an email. "I wanted to make a video that wasn't so explicit as people actually wearing masks, but [rather] simple and beautiful, where we encounter individuals performing but never truly 'see' them."

Thumbnail image by Jenny Baumert

Umii’s “Masquerade” Video Is A Mysterious, Iridescent Daydream