Watch TLC’s “Haters” Video

TLC will be released on June 30.

June 22, 2017

TLC share a body positive message in their new song "Haters." Adding critics to Scrubs in the list of people they don't want to hear from, Chilli and T-Boz sing "Haters gonna hate, People gonna say what they say, But we don’t care about that anyway." Check out the video above.

"Haters" is the latest track from TLC's upcoming album. The self-titled released will drop June 30 and features previous single "Way Back."

The album was funded through Kickstarter, where they made double the $150,000 they had set as a goal. TLC later turned to fans to name the album, with their supporters opting for the eponymous title.


Watch TLC’s “Haters” Video