Watch DJ Khaled’s “On Everything” Video With Travis Scott, Rick Ross, And Big Sean

Travis Scott gets to keep some tigers on a leash.

June 23, 2017

DJ Khaled went wild with this one. The producer has dropped the video for "On Everything," which features Travis Scott, Rick Ross, and Big Sean. The four artists find themselves alternating between a lush green space (with tigers!) and a building that resembles a church. Big Sean's verse in particular has a pious feel to it, with the rapper delivering his verse in a room with an altar. A few frames are dedicated to a mysterious man who occasionally takes a hit from a vape pen.

The end of the video delivers a twist, with dozens of people invading the property with guns before an ominous "To Be Continued" title comes on screen, seemingly implying that another Khaled video will continue the narrative.

Watch the video above.