Monte Booker And Smino Share “Kompany”

The duo is back for their first collaboration after blkswn.

June 23, 2017

my bro smi came out with me and smashed #zerogang #blkswn

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Monte Booker shared his latest collaboration with Smino on Friday. "Kompany" is the first we've heard from the duo since Smino dropped blkswn, which was produced largely by Booker, back in March. The track follows through on what we've come to expect from the two, which is to say Smino spits dexterous verses over Booker's funky, looping beat. Phoelix contributes additional vocals to the song.

"After blkswn, Smino took a little break from recording to let everything sink in," Monte Booker said about the track in a statement to The FADER. "It was after tour that we decided to stay in LA after a show we had to just create some music. And it was a typical sunny day in LA and all of the homies were just having a good time. That's what kinda inspired the song."

Listen to "Kompany" below.

Monte Booker And Smino Share “Kompany”