Watch Frank Ocean’s Brother Star In This Cool Sunscreen Ad

Katonya Breaux’s sons shine bright in this special project.

July 01, 2017

Unsun protects even the coolest of kids!!😎😎 #unsuncosmetics #coolkidswag #sunprotection

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In case you weren’t already aware, Frank Ocean’s mom, Katonya Breaux, is the owner and founder of Unsun Cosmetics. The sunscreen brand recently released a short commercial for its signature moisturizing, mineral-based facial SPF 30 and it happens to feature Breaux's sons.


Her youngest child, Ryan casually slides into the spotlight for this commercial while her eldest fades to the background by setting the mood with “Lost.” Similar to his big brother, Ryan also seems to be fond of getting around on wheels. In the video, the teenager slathers on some sunscreen before stepping out on to a ramp with his skateboard. In Katonya's own words via Twitter, "Cool kids need sun protection too!!"

The involvement of both boys in the commercial wasn't a part of Katonya's original plan though. "Ryan loves his brother's music so it was appropriate to use it in such a cool, relatable way," she told us in an email. "There were no preconceived ideas about the family connection. When you're a tight knit family like ours, these things just kinda happen naturally."

There's no telling what Ocean's little brother might end up doing in the future, but he's definitely earned some major cool points with this ad on his resume. For now, watch him shred in the clip, above. For more information on Unsun Cosmetics, visit the official website.

Thumbnail image via @rryanbreaux/Twitter.

Watch Frank Ocean’s Brother Star In This Cool Sunscreen Ad