Organizers Of The Women’s March Release Three Demands Of The NRA

Their demands are in response to a frightening propaganda video.

July 02, 2017

In response to a terrifying video produced by the National Rifle Association, which depicts protesters as violent and militant and encourages viewers to arm themselves against movements that "resist," Tamika D. Mallory and Women's March organizers released three demands to the NRA.


Mallory, who has been a vocal critic of the NRA's ad, was the Women's March Twitter account recently targeted by one of the NRA's Twitter accounts. Since its first troubling ad, the NRA has released another disturbing video, which focused on an open letter by Mallory, and directly addressed her, calling her critiques hypocritical, and used photos of her to address her.

This is the second video that NRA TV has released targeting the words of black activists. Earlier in the week, a video was made centering around DeRay McKesson's critiques of the video.

The NRA claims to be an organization that protects the second amendment, but after their silence on Philando Castile's murder, many were vocal in the hypocrisy of the organization, that seems to only express outrage when the gun rights of white men are violated.

The Women's March demands of the NRA are as follows:
1. Remove their recent propaganda video
2. Apologize for releasing the video, which suggests armed violence against protestors
3. Equally defend the second amendment rights of all people and call for the DOJ to indict the officer who killed Philando Castile

You can read the Women's March letter in full here, and read more of Tamika Mallory's response below.

Organizers Of The Women’s March Release Three Demands Of The NRA