Yung Lean A.K.A. jonatan leandoer127 Shares Two EPs And A Single

Psychopath Ballads, Katla, and “Toxic” were all uploaded last week.

July 19, 2017

Jonatan Leandoer Håstad is known for making hip-hop with the Sad Boys as Yung Lean, but he also creates confounding outsider art as jonatan leandoer127. As Reddit pointed out, last week he shared a bunch of material: Katla, a new EP produced by Palmistry, the single "Toxic," and Psychopath Ballads, a collection of tracks that had a limited physical release on cassette last year (five of the seven tracks had been previously available on the leandoer127 YouTube channel). Listen to them all below.


In late 2016, Håstad shared new music from his punk band Död Mark, a Yung Lean EP called Frost God, as well as the Dean Blunt/leandoer127 collaboration "Fronto Kings."