Bladee And Yung Lean Are Dark Knights Of The Playground In “Gotham City”

Gravity Boys and Sad Boys connect for a one-off single.

July 28, 2017

Bladee and Yung Lean, close friends and frequent collaborators, are back with a new video and standalone track "Gotham City." A melodramatic quote from Bane in The Dark Knight Rises is superimposed in the beginning, but as usual, the Drain Gang/Sad Boys combo come with a song that balances the dour and hype. The visuals are pretty striking too: both rappers mob in a playground that's edited with corrupted trail-version editing software effects, for a schlocky and beautiful effect. It's this week's emo-rap essential, produced by Ripsquadd & Pj Beats.


Bladee released his debut album Eversince in 2016, while Lean came with a whole bunch of new music just last week.