Diet Prada Is The Instagram Account Putting The Spotlight On Fashion’s Copycats

No one’s safe.

August 02, 2017

Diet Prada is calling out fashion's incessant habit of replicating by way of side-by-side images and deliciously witty sass and snark. Although much of what is featured on the account is less blatant than Gucci's knockoff of iconic Harlem designer Dapper Dan, for Diet Prada, the focus is giving credit where credit is due.


Though the Instagram account is run by an anonymous creator, we can trust the expertise of the source — a fashion insider who has worked 8 years in the industry, and attended fashion school. Drawing the line between inspiration and imitation is tough, but as Diet Prada explained to i-D, it has a lot to do with timing: "I don't care if someone copies a Balenciaga jacket from the 50s. It's like, so what? That's fair game. But when you copy Balenciaga's men's suits from last season... There's nothing new left in this world, it's just all about how you are using it."

Check out some copy-cat comparisons from the account below, and follow @diet_prada on Instagram for more. (Note: the design that was released first appears on the left, while the design in question is shown on the right.)