QUIÑ Recruits Syd For The Insanely Dreamy “Sticky Situation”

Her sophomore album Dream Girl will be out in September.

August 03, 2017

The magnetic R&B singer QUIÑ is back with her strongest track to date. "Sticky Situation," which also features The Internet's Syd, is a willowy slow burner perfect for late August nights. The track is produced by Kry$shun and has both singers all mixed up, singing on the hook: "Stuck up in a sticky situation/ A really iffy situation/ Can’t you tell, caramel, you’re losing your flavor/ And sugar honey, I ain't got the patience."


A video for the song, directed by talented duo BushRenz, is premiering on The FADER today and it's a gorgeous depiction of a desert romance.

In an email to The FADER, QUIÑ explained how the song came out of a chill sitch. "I got together with Syd at her crib and we kicked it, played some beats, and this ended up being the mood," she said. "So, you know a sticky situation when you taste one. A bitter sweet now and later type of love. It's a flavor, it can be yummy, but it won't last long... like bubble gum lol."

QUIÑ Recruits Syd For The Insanely Dreamy “Sticky Situation”