Corbin Gets Moody On His New Single “Mourn”

It’s the first track that was recorded for his new album.

August 26, 2017
Corbin Gets Moody On His New Single “Mourn” Photo by Frankie Kukich

Corbin, formerly known as Spooky Black, has shared the title track for his forthcoming debut album MOURN. In a press release, the Minnesota artist states that the song's sonic influences come from "Kate Bush's seminal 1985 single 'Running Up That Hill,' post-punk new wave, industrial and Detroit techno from electro producers Drexciya."


This single follows Corbin's previously released track "ICE BOY." Earlier this year, he dropped a song called "Destrooy" that has since been erased from the Internet. Back in 2015, he released an EP in collaboration with Bobby Raps titled couch potato.

MOURN is slated to come out on September 5 via WEDIDIT and Kobalt Music. Apparently, the concept for the album is "loosely based on the narrative where a reclusive male protagonist convinces his lover to move into a bunker in the woods due to the current state of affairs in the country. He then dies in a plane crash and she subsequently passes away after moving back home."

Corbin teamed up with Shlohmo and D33J to produce the record in Los Angeles. Antwon and Blood Orange guitarist Ben Morsberger are also featured on the album.

Stream "Mourn" below, and catch Corbin on his co-headlining tour with Shlohmo supported by D33J this fall.

Corbin Gets Moody On His New Single “Mourn”