Quay Dash’s “Decline Him” Video Brings Her Hard AF Hit To Life

“Fuck up out my face with ya little chitty chat.”

August 28, 2017

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I saw Quay Dash live. It was on a sticky summer night about a year ago at MAMI, an art exhibition that took place at New York’s Knockdown Center. Sporting a razor-sharp black bob, short ‘n’ tight black dress, and killer heels, Quay strut into the middle of the audience, microphone cord in tow, as she fired off bars dripping in bad-bitch-from-the-Bronx attitude until the crowd was rapt and electrified, screaming for her at every turn.

In the new video for “Decline Him,” premiering today on The FADER and filmed by photographer Serena Jara, that same fiery and confident presence is taken to a whole new level. Backed by a dark melody that sounds straight out of a thriller’s night scene, Quay lets you know just what she’s about: getting to the money, keeping lames and fakes at bay, being the best out — and if you can’t keep up, she’ll shut you down and keep it moving. “Bars so fuckin’ nice so you might as well sign her/ Ain't got time for no whiners/ He was fuckin’ weak, so I had to decline him,” she recounts matter-of-factly on the chorus.

“The song ‘Decline Him’ came about while I was writing music for my mixtape Satan’s Angel,” Quay Dash said of the song over email. “It’s one of my favorite tracks off of my Transphobic EP."


Watch the video for “Decline Him” above.

Quay Dash’s “Decline Him” Video Brings Her Hard AF Hit To Life