dvsn Tease New Music In Morning After Album Trailer

Get ready for the OVO signees new release.

August 29, 2017

Morning After 🌆

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dvsn have previewed new music ahead of the release of their new album Morning After. The clip, seen above, was shared by the duo on Instagram early on Tuesday.


The album will be the follow up to 2016's Sept. 5th. Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 announced the album earlier this month by releasing what looked like a film poster. The credits listed on the bottom include album credits like recording engineer and mixing, but also credits for a screenplay and director of photography.

The clip above acts as a trailer, whether it's for an album, movie, or both. In it a car drives around a city late night night, deserted streets before cutting to three young boys fleeing across a basketball court. The dramatic clip ends with an unnamed figure launching a Molotov cocktail.

Back in June, dvsn shared a new song called "Don't Choose."

dvsn Tease New Music In Morning After Album Trailer