Watch The First Episode Of The Cool Kids’ New Comedy Series

Shit Show Issue 001 includes cameos from Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky, Chance The Rapper, and more.

September 04, 2017

After sharing their new single "9:15pm" and dropping the track list for their upcoming album Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe, The Cool Kids shared the first episode of their comedy series called Shit Show on YouTube. Back in January the recently reunited duo announced that they would be creating a show with video director Jimmy Regular, who's collaborated on videos with Sir Michael Rocks in the past.


The 10-minute episode is full of short clips with cameos from so many artists it's hard to catch them all. There's an interview Sir Michael Rocks does with Pouya, a studio session with Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky, and a cameo of Chief Keef with a camera. There's also a how-to-steal-weed-from-your-friends guide, and oh yeah, Hannibal Buress is in there too. From this episode it's easy to tell why the creators chose the name Shit Show. With messy graphics, font, and CGI it isn't easy to tell what's going on in all of the scenes. Some of the content is just plain weird and reminiscent of old Loiter Squad skits mixed with an acid trip. In one scene a guy jerks off in the street, and in another a naked man walks out of a fridge.

It's unclear how The Cool Kids plan to top such a star-studded, strange first episode. Watch the Shit Show Issue 001 above.

Watch The First Episode Of The Cool Kids’ New Comedy Series