Watch Dave Go On An Awkward First Date In A Boujee Chicken Shop

The introspective London MC is the latest guest on satirical webseries Chicken Shop Date.

September 06, 2017

Chicken Shop Date is a webseries created by, and starring, student Amelia Dimoldenberg. The premise is pretty much there in the title of the show: in each episode, Amelia goes on a first date in a London chicken shop with a different cultural figure. In the past, she's deadpanned her way through dates with MCs like Jammer and AJ Tracey, and the parody UKG crew Kurupt FM. In today's brand new episode, she sits down with the usually shy MC, musician, and friend of Drake, Dave.


"My date with Santandave was a unique one, as this is the first chicken shop date I have been on with someone who has a phobia of chicken shops," Amelia told The FADER in an email. "The annoying thing about people with chicken shop phobias is that they won’t go anywhere near one. So I had to meet Dave at an upmarket fried chicken restaurant in east London. Once the date had begun, I think we bonded over our musicality: Dave is a talented pianist, and I know how to turn an electric keyboard on. The chicken was great too, I had these enormous nuggets. I’d love to go back for a second date with Dave, you could tell he really liked me." Watch the whole episode above.

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Watch Dave Go On An Awkward First Date In A Boujee Chicken Shop