Vic Mensa Calls For Climate Change Deniers To Be Removed From Government

The Chicago rapper was involved in Tuesday night’s Hand In Hand telethon.

September 13, 2017

Vic Mensa has called on the government to take climate change more seriously following the storms that have ravaged Texas and Florida in recent weeks. The Chicago rapper spoke backstage at Tuesday night's Hand In Hand telethon, where he was taking calls and helping raise funds.


"I haven't heard enough in this entire storm fiasco really holding people to a standard of honesty," Mensa told Billboard backstage at the New York hurricane relief fundraiser. "You can't come out and say we pray for Houston, we support Houston, and then deny climate change."

"We need to take preventative measures, and we need to remove anyone in our government that doesn't think we do," he added.

Beyoncé also gave a powerful speech during the Hand In Hand Hurricane Relief Telethon, which raised over $14 million dollars for victims of the natural disasters.