Offset Responds To NYPD Allegedly Choking Cardi B

The Migos rapper talked to TMZ about the incident.

September 20, 2017

Last night, Cardi B claimed via Twitter that an NYPD officer put her in a chokehold on Tuesday night. The tweets were quickly deleted, and Cardi didn’t provide any extra information other than that the officers were white.


On Wednesday, TMZ talked to Cardi’s boyfriend, Migos rapper Offset about the incident. He revealed that Cardi called him after, but that heinitially assumed she was joking. "At first, when she called, I ain't think she was being serious until I had seen it on her face," he said.

According to Offset, two men were fighting and that instigated the police interaction. "They ain't touch the dudes that were fighting, they touched her, so I don't understand what was going on," Offset said. "I know you can't stop the police. The police kill people everyday and get away with it."

Both Cardi B and Offset have been vocal against police brutality, and Offset was wrongfully arrested by police last year. TMZ asked the Atlanta rapper about police specifically targeting hip hop artists. "The hip-hop police? Oh yeah, they're real, for sure," he said.

There are still no further details about Cardi’s condition or what’s going to happen to the cops who allegedly assaulted her. Watch the full interview above.

Offset Responds To NYPD Allegedly Choking Cardi B