Watch Ta-Ra (Formerly Ta-Ha) Take Over A Japanese City With Bikers In Her New Video

The French R&B artist falls in love with a Yakuza in “Kawasaki Ninja.”

September 20, 2017

French independent artist Ta-Ra (FKA Ta-Ha) spent part of her early 20s living in Japan, and the culture left an indelible influence on her bedroom R&B. She flexed with friends in Tokyo for 2015’s “Lil Bit” video, and flipped between singing in English and Japanese on last year’s trap ballad “Death Ray.” Her new video for the revved-up “Kawasaki Ninja” — originally from 2016 EP SunrayZ — puts a fantastical twist on those themes. Shots flip between Ta-Ra playing the gangster moll with a group of bikers in Yokohama streets, and lounging in a blue-lit hotel room as she waits for her tatted-up lover to call.


Over email, Ta-Ra explained: “Most of the time, Yakuzas are considered to have a bad reputation. But status and names don’t matter when it comes to love, as long as that person gives 100% of themselves to you. I love bikes and respect people who ride them. Freestyling or not, these people risk their life to perform their art and do what they are passionate about. I’m also taking risks making my music, and I make a lot of sacrifices. It’s the same thing when it comes to love. I’m not afraid to give my whole self in in order to make things work.”

She continued: “The scene on the phone looks like a dream of me waiting for my lover to answer the phone. But the actual dream could be the whole rest of the video…May your perception be my guest.”

Watch the video above.

Watch Ta-Ra (Formerly Ta-Ha) Take Over A Japanese City With Bikers In Her New Video