OSHUN Is Mega Proud In Their Celebratory Video For “Graduate”

After years of balancing their music careers with college courses, the duo has finally walked across the stage.

September 21, 2017

In the midst of touring and creating soul-touching music, divine singing-rap duo OSHUN matriculated at New York University. In their vibrant new video for "Graduate," Niambi and Thandi celebrate this milestone, twirling in golden gowns and caps. The ladies rejoice in their success but make sure to give homage to the people who've paved the way for their own greatness. And, they note, they're "still working every goddamn day / 'Cause a young queen gotta get paid."


"This is the song that you sing with your friends at 2am in the final days of May," OSHUN told FADER over email. "This is the song that you play as you Milly Rock across the graduation stage. This is the song for necessary ends and new beginnings."

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OSHUN Is Mega Proud In Their Celebratory Video For “Graduate”