Cardi B explains her accusation that NYPD put her in a chokehold

On 99 Jamz Cardi B explained her deleted tweets from last week.

September 27, 2017

Last week, Cardi B tweeted that an NYPD officer put her in a chokehold. The tweet was deleted shortly after. This week on WEDR 99 Jamz Cardi B explained the story behind the tweet and her incident with the police.


During the interview, the 24-year-old explained that her and her cousin got into an altercation while in traffic with a man who hit her car windows. Her cousin and the other driver apparently got out of the car and were squaring up when Cardi threw her shoe at the man.

"Out of nowhere a motherfucka (NYPD) put me in a chokehold like a chicken wing," Cardi B said. "There's two men that are about to square up, but you're so pussy you won't even hold back the men, you're gonna put the female in a chokehold."

She then explained that the police made efforts to get her to make a statement following the incident, but that she decided not to because she didn’t think it would help the situation and didn’t know the officer's identity. Following the incident, the NYPD released a statement that they had no evidence to support Cardi B’s claims.

“You guys be lying, and this is why I don’t talk to you guys,” she said of the police. “It really hurt me that motherfuckers really releasing evidence. You don’t even know where it happened.”

99 Jamz host Felisha Monet tried to encourage Cardi B by saying that fans would be supporting her through tough situations, but Cardi deflected by stating that the issue reflected larger problem with police brutality.

“It’s not even about me. It’s because NYPD is the biggest gang in New York,” Cardi B said. “And that really bothers me.”

Watch the full interview above.

Cardi B explains her accusation that NYPD put her in a chokehold