Yeule’s Coma EP is dream-pop perfection

Hear it in full, via Zoom Lens.

September 27, 2017

Today the always-innovative Zoom Lens released Yeule’s Coma EP. Like the Singapore artist’s self-titled debut in 2014, and like all great super-dreamy gothic pop, it’s incredibly soothing for how bleak it can be. My favorite type of music: just let those synths waaaash.


Here’s what Yeule had to say about it:

“I wrote this album to commemorate the people I’d lost. Through death, through parting, through distance, just people who have gone from my life. They are all painful memories, but they have shaped my life. I’ve wasted the early years of my life trying to understand my depression, but recently I realized that it doesn’t need to be understood. I just had to embrace these feelings and create a void in myself.

“For me, it's always been the same. Happiness, sadness, love, hate, compassion, regret, loss, grief, content — they all feel like the same thing, but on a scale. I'm always on one end of the spectrum or the other. When I’m down I know that I’ll get back up and when I’m euphoric I know it won’t last forever. My art will always have a tinge of this sadness if not already indulged in it. I’ll always keep that part of myself, because without pain, you cannot have pleasure.

“And even though I keep the poison locked in the vault of my heart, in the end I know it will consume me whole, so I let it go.”

Beautiful :,)