Miley Cyrus reunites with her childhood BFF Lesley Patterson

“sooooo glad my bestie since I was a littttttle BB made it to my release party!”

October 01, 2017

In 2007, Miley Cyrus name drops Lesley Patterson in the chorus of her hit single "See You Again" with the line "Felt like I couldn't breathe/ You asked what's wrong with me/ My best friend Lesley said, 'Oh, she's just being Miley.'" Even though a decade has passed, the girls have apparently remained friends.


Cyrus recently took to Twitter and Instagram to reveal that she reunited with Patterson in Nashville at Tooties for her Younger Now release party in partnership with Spotify. Miley's father, Billy Ray Cyrus, also attended the event and performed on stage with her.

In one of the videos that Miley posted from the party, Patterson commented "Love you sister!!" with heart emojis. Patterson proceeded to share her own photo to capture the special moment as well with the caption "I think our face says it all!! Loved seeing my girl kill it tonight and I couldn't be more proud!"

Last night, Miley was invited to perform “New York State of Mind” and "You May Be Right" with Billy Joel and Paul Simon at Madison Square Garden. Her sixth studio album Younger Now is out now via RCA Records.

Miley Cyrus reunites with her childhood BFF Lesley Patterson