Call Super’s new video is all the bliss of a messy night out

Take in the euphoria of “I Look Like I Look In A Tinfoil Mirror.”

October 10, 2017

British producer Call Super's debut album Suzi Ecto, released on Fabric's label Houndstooth in 2014, was a heady techno suite that pulled you into somewhere deeper, darker, and more personal than the club. In a similar vein, his follow-up Arpo, out on November 10, takes a few steps out of the party, and blinks in the morning sunlight. With glimmering synth patterns that glide over sparse percussion, it's a minimalist and mesmerising work that evokes nostalgia and daydreaming, and feels a great deal more optimistic than his debut.


This early-morning hopefulness is captured on the latest single "I Look Like I Look In A Tinfoil Mirror," and to bring that into video form, Call Super arranged for his cousin to film everything she did on a night out with friends. The result is a grin-inducing collage of phone footage showing night buses, rave smiles, and darkness bleeding slowly into day.

Call Super explained to The FADER in an email, "I wanted [Arpo] to open up a sense of vitality. It's meant to be that state of being dazed by something you've experienced, but happy and emotional about it. The video had to reflect that, and so it's really just a snapshot of a night. It simply goes from night into morning. Things had to happen that were forgettable and would only linger in the mind in the strange piecemeal way they do when you come round after losing yourself for a while. Its kind of basic but alluring to me if you can capture it right.” Watch it above.

Call Super’s new video is all the bliss of a messy night out