London band Sorry’s new visual mixtape plunges you into their weird world

“A collection of fibs and fables, thoughts and opinions.”

October 18, 2017

London-based Sorry has spent 2017 slowly building its profile in the city, gigging constantly before heading home to work on their twisted rock songs. Unafraid to introduce abrasive electronic elements or riot grrl choruses to their early singles, the band sits alongside fellow new groups Goat Girl and Shame as an exciting raft of groups giving British indie kids something to get excited about.


Today, October 18, Sorry premiere a visual mixtape of home recordings called Home Demo(ns) on The FADER. It's a window into the collective's DIY spirit and unique musical minds. Over half an hour of new material the band indulges in romance, fights off snakes, hits the basketball court, and more. Speaking to The FADER via email, Sorry describes it as “a collection of fibs and fables, thoughts and opinions. Parables and problemos. Personal and public." Check it out above.

Thumbnail via Dan Kendall.

Posted: October 18, 2017