G Herbo reflects on how far he’s come in the “Man Now” video

The Chicago rapper’s debut album Humble Beast is out now.

October 31, 2017

"You know I come from a city of sorrow," G Herbo tells the listener before he dives into the first verse of "Man Now," a track from his recently released debut album Humble Beast. But in the new video for the song, which premieres on The FADER today, the 22-year-old finds himself in completely different surroundings, reminiscing about his past in front of a picturesque beach in Jamaica.


"'Man Now” is one of the more important tracks on the album Humble Beast because it tells much of my story in the three to four minutes," G Herbo told The FADER over email. "Something that was destined for me in my life took me along a path to Jamaica, vacationing in a multi-million dollar estate. "Man Now" is about coming from a struggling household, a poverty stricken neighborhood, and overcoming the obstacles that I talked about — and, most importantly, never going back."

Listen to Humble Beast here and watch the "Man Now" video above.

G Herbo reflects on how far he’s come in the “Man Now” video